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LUCH4-B0T is a collaborative project with Soy Kiddo, who brought my original 2D concept art to life in 3D. It was liked and shared by Jorge Gutierrez (creator of Maya and the Three, Book of Life, and ¡Mucha Lucha!) on Instagram and Twitter, published in 3D World Magazine as well as other articles, and received spotlight from renowned Mexican artists and streamers.   

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LUCH4-B0T and Miguel are a dynamic duo force to be reckoned with on the ring! Following in his late papa's footsteps as a champion bot fighter, Miguel builds and brings LUCH4-B0T to life to go toe to toe with an array of bots in the Robolympics so he can take down B055 (the unbeatable arch nemesis who brought papa down) and win his trophy for him.

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